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Finally, an ecosexual game!

I love the art, I love the idea, but the gameplay was really stressful to me. When you have all of your plants, clicking on some of them is tricky because their clickable zone overlap with each other.

I really like the art style but the kissing noises definitely threw me off when I first heard them haha! My favorite plant would be the one all the way on the right in the back, so cute!

Really enjoyed the game; great art style, creepy looking plants (in the best way). The only thing I would ask is either different kissing noises (less wet) or having the option to turn down the sound effects for those who don't like wet sounds. Thanks for your work! 

Thank you so much for your feedback!! We don't currently have plans to update this game, but as soon as we do this will be on the list! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!


Your artstyle and vibe is just so lovely. The game made me go and water my own plants with much enthusiasm and love ✧

And by the way, the song really reminds me of the The Carnival of the Animals: XIII, The Swan.

Thank you!! I just listened to the piece you recommended, which I loved!! I'm so glad you liked the game so much

I was absolutely inspired by The Swan when making the song for the game!


Oh man, I knew it! I love what you did.

Thanks! glad you caught that


Very cute I like it


Great game.)